We build online advertising

PPC.BUZZ provides ultimate solution for both publishers and advertisers. Combining leading technology and excellent customer support is making us one of the biggest players in the online marketing.

The platform

  • Magic algorithms optimize advertising materials and pick the best coverage on your inventory so you can relax and enjoy making money
  • We provide real-time detailed statistic along with stats API
  • Our system responds fast. The state-of-the-art platform process billions ad requests per day

It’s easy to integrate with us, we support:

  • XML Feeds
  • JavaScript tags
  • Smartlinks
  • Open RTB 2.4

We will help you to monetize:

  • Pop-unders, New tabs, New page, 0click traffic
  • Contextual search, intext traffic
  • Display traffic (video, banner, native ads)

Feel confident working with us:

  • We guarantee payments on time
  • 0 disappointed clients for 4 years
  • Multiple payment options

Work with most popular Ad formats

  • PUSH Notification
  • Native Ads
  • POP Ads
  • Zero-click Ads

Reach global audience and increase your brand presence

  • World Wide traffic
  • Engaged users
  • More than 400Millions Ad opportunities daily

Choose most suitable integration method

  • Self serve Platform
  • XML / JSON feed
  • direct link
  • JS script

Feel confident working with proven quality traffic sources:

  • Complicated behaviour testing algorithms
  • Integrated fraud filters
  • Useful targeting options

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